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Top Remodeling Ideas For Homes With Pets

If you love having pets in your home, you may find that it's a lot like having children. You have to change some things in the household to accommodate their presence. In the early growing stages, both pets and children are not quite ready to be adults yet, so things break and accidents happen.

Luckily, remodeling is the perfect time to consider focusing on the pets of your family. For one, you will need durable flooring that is easy to clean. Also, you may want to create a comfy spot to sleep somewhere in the home, unless you want them jumping on the beds. Plus, you'll want to think about ways to keep them from teething, chewing, and scratching up the house.

Here are a few good ideas to consider if you have pets and are remodeling.

Install A Pet Door During Remodeling

Pet doors are the most obvious recommendation for any home with pets. They can be installed on doors, glass doors, or walls. Ask your remodeling company about the different options in pet doors and look for a quality made product. You don't want to waste energy through a pet door. Take a look at some of the electronic smart doors for dogs and cats. This option has an ultrasonic transmitter collar that signals the door to open or close.

Hard, Durable Flooring

As you think about flooring for a remodeling project, think hard and durable if you have pets. Whether you intend to confine your furry friend to a certain room or let them roam free, the floors inside your home need to be pet-friendly. Accidents happen, so be prepared. Hardwood flooring can get scratched and is damaged by water or urine stains.

Hard flooring alternatives like stone or ceramic tile, painted concrete, brick, laminate, and vinyl are the most durable for homes with pets. Of course, have carpets by all means. But wall-to-wall carpeting may not be the best option. Area rugs, on the other hand, can be taken out and thoroughly cleaned any time.

Laundry Sink & Countertop

Having a deeper and wider sink is really nice when you have pets. If there's room to steel in the laundry area, install a deep sink and countertop. This will really be a nice place to care for pets, look at boo-boos, give medicine, and give them a bath or flea treatment. Think pet care when choosing the sink. For instance, make sure to install a sink with a spray hose to make bath time easier for you and more comfortable for your furry friend. Call the remodel service experts at Home Sweet Home Improvements today!

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