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Detailed Estimates

When It is Time To Get More Specific

If the rough estimate falls into your budget range, itís time to narrow the costs by asking for a detailed estimate.  Your project is broken down into categories, and each category is then broken down into detailed work sheets consisting of line items of materials, labor, subcontractors, and equipment needed.  We use the plans and specifications stipulated by you or your architect and/or designer, a spread sheet, and an extensive data base to create your detailed estimate.

We are well-qualified and experienced professionals in estimating custom building and remodeling projects.  When you get your estimate, you can be rest assured that it is as accurate as an estimate can be, and that we have meticulously considered every cost detail.

Our detailed estimate carries a margin of error of plus or minus 2-5% and includes budgeted allowances and contingencies built in.  It is accurate enough to become your project budget, should you decide to move forward.

There is a charge for this detailed estimate which is based on the scope of your project.

Why Pay for a Detailed Estimate?

Our detailed estimates usually cost between 0.5% - 3% of the rough estimate total.  However, the detailed estimates usually come in around 1%.  It is money well spent as insurance that you know exactly what your dream project will cost you.   No one likes surprises and cost overruns.

You can consider your detailed estimate a smart investment.  If you are going to launch a project to improve your home and its value, itís prudent to have an accurate budget and the financial means to support it before you begin.

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